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The Grading system is made up of coloured belts with coloured tags being used to identify part grading between belts.

Starting at yellow belt there are a sequence taegeuks (patterns) which take you up to black belt. You will need a new taegeuk at each grade after yellow belt but you must not forget the earlier ones. if you need to check up on the moves of a pattern then all the moves for all the patterns can be found at the Kukkiwon website. Do not go ahead of the pattern you need, you could be easily confused.

In order to find the patterns on the Kukkiwon website navigate to taekwondo techniques under the information section at the left of the page and Taekwondo techniques and then Poomsae in the body of the frame. Be sure to wait for each to fully load before clicking each link as the site can take some time to load. Select which pattern to view in the blue box that will pop up. For yellow belts select Taeguk 1 Jang, and pay careful attention to direction and hand position. do not learn ahead of the pattern you need for your next grading.