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All our instructors are registered with the British Taekwondo and have undergone enhanced checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service.  They carry instructor's insurance details of which are available on request.

Master Pat Donnelly (7th Dan)

The chief instructor at Powerhouse is Master Pat Donnelly. Pat has been training in TKD for about 20+years, initially in Germany and for the over 15 years in Britain. He has been teaching for the past 10+ years firstly at Southampton University under Master Graham Jones, and then in Powerhouse club at Westbourne/Thorney Island/Havant/Swanmore. He is a 7th dan black belt and continues to train with Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe. Pat has also trained with a number of other internationally recognised TKD instructors (Grandmaster Lindsay Lawrence, Master Pschorr Meyer, Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa, Grandmaster Cha Sok Park and Grandmaster Park Hae Man). In 2000 he attended and received accreditation from the World TaeKwonDo Seoul Academy International Instructors course held in Korea. Pat normally instructs on a Monday and Wednesday night in Havant and on a Tuesday in Swanmore.

Master Stephen Butlin (4th Dan)

Stephen has been training in martial arts for over 20 years, initially training in Karate. In 2000 Stephen started Taekwondo with Master Pat Donnelly at the Westbourne Church Hall and in the time since he has had the opportunity to train with many national and international instructors. He has represented Chungdokwan GB at a competition held in Detroit, USA, winning a gold medal in Adult Dan grade poomsae.

Stephen has been teaching in Swanmore for many years, helping to guide senior students towards achieving their goals, be it competitive success or dan promotion. He also assists across all other Powerhouse classes.

Vanessa Anderson (3rd Dan)
Vanessa is the newest edition to Powerhouse TKD, after training with Master Pat for some time she felt she wanted to join us as an instructor.

She gained alot of skill and knowledge after her trip to Korea in 2009 where she competed at international level. She has also competed under Powerhouse for the last 3 years in poomse and sparring at the Chundokwan Nationals in Bracknell.

Thais Ward (2nd Dan)

Thais has trained with Powerhouse TKD for many years and predominantly trains in Swanmore  Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  She sometimes teaches the Wednesday or Thursday sessions.

Thais is the Club Welfare Officer and deals with child protection/safeguarding matters.

Steve Bartlett (1st Dan)

The Steve has trained with Powerhouse TKD for many years and predominantly trains in Swanmore Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  He sometimes teaches the Wednesday or Thursday sessions.