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Black Belt Training Day

Saturday 22nd June 2019 at Tiffin Sports Centre, Queen Elizabeth Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6RL

This event is specifically aimed at Black Belts and Instructors age 16 and over and is £10 per person.

Agenda (Part A)
  1. 11:00am Start/Registration

  2. 11:05am Training philosophy

  3. -Long-term strategy

  4. -Website and Identity

  5. 11:25am Warm up and break falls

  6. 12:00pm Self-defence & the Law

  7. 12:30pm Lunch

Agenda (Part B)
  1. 1:00pm Warm up

  2. 1:15pm One step pre-arranged sparring

  3. 1:45pm Poomsae

  4. 2:45pm Photos

  5. 3:00pm End